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Promee is an app that connects businesses and people. By using our app companies have the opportunity to post their current promotion, offers and announcements. This allows users to learn and interact with the brands they are interested, and most importantly, never miss a promotion again!

Take a look at the advantages of using Promee:

Are you ready to use?

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Promee is a platform which helps customers connect to their favorite companies.

Never miss a promotion again

Follow your favorite brands

Learn about offers that are relevant to you

Discover promotions that fit your lifestyle

Save money!

And much more!



Look for new offers

You will always be aware of new promotions, never missing an opportunity.


Save existing offers

Save offers in order to have easy access to them later on!


Customer and company interaction

Chat function that allows users to give companies feedback on their promotions.


Request expired offers

By requesting an old offer, companies will most likely bring those offers back.



Always get first-hand information about your favorite companies.


Follow your favorite companies

Never miss any promotion from your favorite companies again.


Discover offers that fit your lifestyle

Learn about what is hot out there, and that fits your needs


Store locator

Discover and be taken to the nearest store

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We will do our best to get to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to use?

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